Sunday, July 10, 2011

Getting Back On Track.

Where has this blog gone? I started this with such strong feelings and had a clear vision of where it was headed. Somewhere between there and here, it turned into my public diary. Life doesn't always go as planned (obviously), but I'm really hoping to get back to my original goal here. I was made to help people and this blog was to push me out of my comfort zone and document my doing so. What happened?

I think I have my next project. I have had a passion for fundraising since I was a little girl. I heard a story on the news when I was around 13 about a family who lost everything, including a young baby, in a house fire. I spent weeks walking door to door asking people for money for this family, then tracked down where they were staying and handed them a large envelope with hundreds of dollars in cash inside. It just seemed like the logical thing to do, and I had no idea why nobody else was doing it. (I know now that it was probably pretty dangerous just walking door to door like that and I'm lucky more people didn't turn me away or call the cops, but what did I know back then?)

A few years ago, I planned a yard sale to raise money for The Huntsman Cancer Institute. It started out pretty simple: I just wanted to do something to help out. I honestly wasn't expecting much.

What I got?
  • Thousands of donations (including a hot tub and a new mountain bike from a local sporting goods store)
  • Food, drinks, condiments, and baked goods (curtosy of local grocery stores and family) to feed my helpers and sell to everyone else
  • Countless incredible volunteers
  • Banners, bracelets, and other promotional items donated by The Huntsman Cancer Institute
  • A giant check (just under $3,000) from a yard sale to give them in return
  • A truckload of awesome items left over to donate to Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Utah
It was the most exhausting thing I have ever done and by the end of that day, I felt like a zombie. But honestly, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. So...I think I'm going to.

The wheels started spinning after death of my brother's friend, Nick. I'm ready to start a new project. I don't know when it will happen (my Huntsman project took over a year), but once I get this way there is no stopping me. Hopefully this is what I need to get back on track!

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