Sunday, April 7, 2013


It has been a while since I've written. I decided to stop my monthly updates on Nolan after he turned one because I thought it would probably be too much, especially with a new little one coming that I'll want to do the same thing for. I've still been keeping track of his major accomplishments and will make sure to update those here!

The biggie: we have a walker! we have a runner and a kinda-skipper. He is all over the place. He took his first steps on March 2. He took five perfect steps the first time, and kept going all day long! I was so proud of him. I felt a little bad because Chris wasn't home, but I took lots of video for him. We call Nolan our little zombie because he walks with his arms straight out in front of him for balance. He just gets so proud of himself. It got to the point that he would fall just because he was laughing so hard. I have a toddler!

March was a big month for him. On March 6, he went to bed with no milk. Our typical night-night routine is the three of us go upstairs and play in his room, change him into his jammies, and he tells Chris goodnight then gets in the rocking chair with me. I give him a sippy of milk and we cuddle until he lets me know he is ready to get in his crib. That night, he decided he didn't want his drink and just went to sleep. I thought about continuing to skip it, but I love that time I have with him so I decided against it. At least now I know that the sippy is more for me than it is for him! He's such a big boy.

Speaking of big boy, we took him to get his first haircut on March 7. He did freaking awesome. They put a little cape on him and a big cape on me, then cut his hair while he was sitting on my lap. They gave him a sucker, which he loved (he never gets treats!) and that was the only thing he paid attention to. The worst part of the whole experience was the little pieces of hair getting stuck in his candy and the sticky drool running down my hand. Everyone there loved him. They kept saying they'd never seen a baby do so well. It turned out adorable and I can't believe how much older he looked! It has grown out quite a bit since then and I'm thinking we may need to go back in soon.

His first molar (bottom-right) finally popped through on March 14, at exactly 13 months old. That was a miserable one! He was so sick. Most of the week, he was running a fever and couldn't stop crying. We did a lot of cuddling. I'm not looking forward to the rest of them coming in. We had it so easy with his front teeth that I was not prepared for seeing him in so much pain with the bigger ones. It was awful.

He is changing and growing so much. He is still wearing 12 and 18 month clothes, but he seems so much bigger to me. He is losing his baby face and starting to look like a little boy! He is starting to develop a little attitude and challenge us when we tell him he can't do something. Right now, if we scold him, he will grunt at us and close his eyes really dramatically before slowly dropping his head. After his quick moment of silence, he'll go back to playing as usual.

He dances at the slightest hint of music. He'll wave his hands and rock his whole body. If he is standing, he usually ends up falling over to dance on the ground. If he is sleeping and a song comes on, he'll wake up and dance until it ends, then he will go back to sleep.

He has started shaking his head no to everything. It is adorable when he does it though because he has no idea what it means. He opens his eyes and mouth really wide, raises his hand to us, and shakes his head back and forth. It kills me.

I still can't believe how much I love him. For real.