Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Another Funny.

So, my last post was depressing. Here's a funny story to even things out:

For our honeymoon, Chris and I drove to Newport, Oregon and stayed in a condo on the beach for a week. It was amazing, relaxing, and our time to exhale after a year of wedding planning. We were both so exhausted that we spent most evenings in, watching true crime shows and freaking ourselves out (romantic, right?) Through the night, I think the mixture of sea air, exhaustion, and being in an unfamiliar environment really got to me. I would fall into a deep, deep sleep, then wake up in the middle of the night dazed, confused, and with no clue where I was at. I was also having very vivid dreams. I haven't experienced anything like that week of sleep in my life.

On night 3 or 4, we were sleeping after a long night of murder mystery shows (with the hall light on, I might add...) and I woke up to this strange noise and Chris on the very edge of the bed kicking me and screaming "Sarah! Sarah! Wake up!" So I opened my eyes, totally baffled and wondering what I did to deserve this sort of abuse. I asked him what was wrong and he said "You were having a seizure!" Huh?!

Then it all came flooding back. The dream. I was in a bunker house with a bunch of ghosts (from the crime shows) that were trying to communicate with me. The only problem? Ghosts speak blue whale, of course. So there I was, trying to help the poor lost souls find their bunk beds by loudly "speaking their language."


In the dark. In my sleep. In bed with my brand new husband. So, still feeling slightly dazed, I decide to calm Chris' nerves by yelling "THE GHOSTS SPEAK BLUE WHALE!" then rolling over to go back to sleep.

Then I realized the severity of the situation. He thought I was having a seizure! So what did he do? Got as far away from me as possible (except for his feet which he used to kick me as hard as he could over and over), and screamed at me. Way to go, First Responder Chris. Way. To. Go.

We still laugh so hard about this. I don't know how this story slipped my mind when I wrote my post on how funny our life is. Sometimes, late at night when he is half asleep, I'll bust out in my whale song to freak him out. He doesn't find that part nearly as hilarious as I do.

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  1. I just laughed so hard, and I've heard the story before. Just as funny the second time around!!