Saturday, May 5, 2012


I don't know what in the world just happened. I had this conversation about ten minutes ago at the jewelry store while I was getting my wedding ring and the opal I wear for Eden cleaned:

Jeweler: Is opal your birthstone?
Me: No, it is my baby's. (Oh, no...)
Jeweler: Oh, my birthstone is opal too. My birthday is in October.
Me: Oh, that's cool. (Praying this is where the conversation will end. Nope)
Jeweler: When is your baby's birthday?
Me: October 7. (It just came out of my mouth.)
Jeweler: Fun! Boy or girl?
Me: Girl.
Jeweler: What is her name?
Me: Eden.
Jeweler: How old is she?
Me: (Not able to do the math quick enough to figure out how old my Eden really would have been...) 1 year.
Jeweler: That is such a fun age! Is she getting around pretty well?
Me: Yeah, she is all over the place!
Jeweler: Is she at the climbing stage yet?
Me: Yep, she is a wild little one. She is so much fun though.
Jeweler: You just wait.

I smiled and just let the conversation die out from there. So...that was weird. I don't know why I did that. I guess "October 7" seemed like a better answer to "When is your baby's birthday?" than "Oh, she was never born." I suppose I could have filled in the blanks with Nolan's information but it isn't a ring for is for Eden. Oh well.

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