Friday, March 2, 2012

Two Weeks.

Nolan loves:
  • Baths. He's only had three so far (two at home) but he seems to really enjoy them! I think the warm water relaxes him. He gets a little bit fussy when I'm washing him with soap but as soon as I pour water over him, he calms down instantly. He looks adorable with his wet hair all slicked back.
  • Eating. The boy can eat. He has a sort of love/hate relationship with food as we've been trying to figure out what is best for his sensitive tummy. He gets frustrated with nursing very quickly so I will feed him as much as he'll eat, then I'll pump and give him the rest in a bottle. We've had to supplement with formula a couple of times a day because he literally eats every drop of milk my body makes and still wants more.
  • Infant Stimulation Videos. The last couple of nights, we've pulled up some black and white stimulation videos online (large shapes that move around the screen to music) and Nolan will sit and watch the entire thing! He flails his arms and coos and seems to pay really close attention to them. I wish I knew what was going on in that little brain of his!
  • Mommy & Daddy. There is nothing quite like the feeling I get when he is crying and the second I touch him, he calms down. Chris and I each spend a lot of one-on-one time with Nolan daily to build his trust in us and bond with him. He responds to our voices from the other side of the room by opening his eyes wide and trying to turn his head towards us. 
  • Sitting. He prefers sitting up to laying down and cuddling. He is very observant and loves to be able to look around and make eye contact with the person holding him. 
Nolan doesn't like:
  • Bedtime. We have been up until one or two every morning since we brought him home. He is so alert at night and just wants to play and interact with us. I know we'll regret this when our babymoon is over and we go back to work, but right now I don't want to miss those little moments with him so we don't push the issue.
  • Tummy Time. He doesn't mind it as much when I lay down and put him on his tummy on my chest. It seems to work just as well and he stretches his little neck muscles. We might do a couple of more days like this before we try it on the floor again...that was rough and he just kept smacking his cute face on the blanket.
  • Getting his pictures taken. We got his newborn pictures done on  February 21 (so he was exactly one week old) and while they turned out amazing, he was not so much a fan. When we take his picture at home, he flails his arms and turns away. He's a little bit camera-shy.
I am loving every second of being Nolan's mommy. He is the most incredible thing to ever happen to me (besides his daddy.) We are all so tired and it is so much work, but it is the most incredible work I've ever done. 

Nolan at one week old. The ring on my finger is Eden's birthstone ring that I've worn every day since before we found out we lost her.

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  1. LOVED the pictures you put on facebook! He is gorgeous!