Sunday, October 2, 2011


Nolan has become quite active lately. What amazes me is he has also become very interactive. The other night I was laying on my side in bed and Chris asked me if baby boy was moving. I told him that he was and rolled over on my back so he could try to feel. He hadn't been able to before so I was only half paying attention and sort of directing his hand to where I felt the kicks. To my shock, Nolan followed his hand! He kicked him pretty hard on the left side of my belly (where I always feel him) and Chris moved his hand more to the center and Nolan kicked him again (where I've never felt him.) It was like they were playing and I had the most precious seat in the house.

The next night I was laying in bed trying to take a nap before work and baby boy starting wiggling around like crazy. I spent almost two hours laying in different positions, feeling him follow my hands around my belly with his kicks, and cracking up as he responded to different things like when I took a deep breath or laughed. I looked at my clock and couldn't believe how much time had passed but it was so amazing and so entertaining that I couldn't stop. Finally, Nolan went to sleep so I did too.

My favorite part of the week is that he is now responding to music. Well, two songs. Yesterday, while I was on my way home from work, some old slow song (that for the life of me I can't remember the name of) came on and all of a sudden he was dancing away until the song stopped. I didn't feel him again until later that night when I was on my way to the grocery store and "Hey Baby" by No Doubt came on. All of a sudden, it was another dance party in my belly until that song ended. I think that is absolutely hilarious and incredible...although Chris and I are a little bit concerned about his taste in music.

I am thankful I have this little boy to play with and love on as we come up on October 7. I still can't believe it is almost here. Nolan makes it a little bit easier, but my heart is still broken. I just need to get through this week...(as I typed that, baby boy gave me a strong kick and a little wiggle...he's here for me and so is his Daddy...I'm blessed.)

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