Sunday, September 4, 2011

Dodge. Dodge. Dodge.

So it continues. Yesterday, my day couldn't have started out better. I woke up early and went to the dentist. I know that doesn't sound like a whole lot of fun, but I love how it feels when I get to walk out of those doors knowing I don't have to be back for 6 months. No cavities! I ran some errands and was feeling so accomplished, so I rewarded myself with a cherry limeade from Sonic. I was cruising around with my windows down, my music up, enjoying the fresh air. I found an adorable baby gift for my friend who is due any day with her little girl. Sounds like a nice morning, right?

So I pulled into my driveway and stepped out of my car with my sweet baby gift in one hand and giant drink in the other. All of a sudden, I was on the ground. I guess I should say, the ground was jabbed violently in my stomach. I tripped over something and landed belly-first on the sharp curb outside of my house. I hit it with such force that it knocked both of my shoes off my feet and they landed in the street. Some guys that were working in my yard came to help me up, put my shoes back on my feet, and collect the pieces of the shattered baby gift for me. I was a bloody, scraped up mess.

So I went inside, shaken up and worried to death about my baby (who took most of the hit inside my belly), and called my midwife. She was delivering a baby, so she told me to go straight to the emergency room. I was in tears when I told Chris I had to go be monitored. He advised his supervisor, logged off his computer, and got me to the car without blinking an eye. He's a good husband.

Fast forward through the check-in process to the monitoring room. The doctor comes in and tells me that since I'm under 20 weeks, they wouldn't need to do an ultrasound. He listened to the heartbeat with a doppler (which was a beautiful sound) and determined that baby was not in distress. As someone who is used to ultrasounds at every appointment, this was difficult for me, but he assured me it was good enough. Then, he took tons of blood to make sure that mine wasn't mixing with baby's blood. Scary...I was there for a couple of hours while they listened to him and watched me and finally they decided I was fine to go home and rest for the night (which meant a night off work, which I was less than thrilled about.)

So, after the panic of what might have come of that fall died down, another reality slapped us in the face. Chris left work in the middle of his shift to take me to the emergency room. His job is not very sensitive, and he was already on thin ice for taking time off the day I had my D&C for my miscarriage. We were pretty sure he would go to work this morning, and no longer have a job. We rely on both of our incomes, and while we could survive on mine, it would be tight and very stressful. I couldn't even imagine how things would be with a new baby.

So we spent the morning re-working our budget and figuring out where we could cut back until he was able to find another job. Not exactly the type of budgeting you want to be doing at 4.5 months pregnant. Luckily, his boss decided to show him a little grace today. He technically "should have" been fired, according to their crazy rules. Instead, he got off with a meeting and a final warning. So, in other words, we need to pray that we don't have any more emergencies before this baby gets here.

I updated my status on Facebook today to something along the lines of "I need to join a dodgeball league. I've been playing a mean game with the universe and so far I'm winning!" God has us...I'm just ready to get my toes out of the fire. It burns!

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