Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Just A Loud Smile.

I love laughing. Luckily, I found someone that makes me laugh every single day and decided to marry him. I haven't written in a while and I was wanting to post about something a little more deep, but today I just need to focus on the hilariousness of my life. Chris and I laugh all the time.

We joke that we are the real life Doug and Carrie from "King of Queens." We get ourselves in the most awkward situations and honestly, all we can do is laugh. One story that still cracks me up is when we went to my friend's funeral a couple of years ago (I know, it gets funny. I promise.) It was held in a funeral home where the rooms are separated by those hard curtains that you can slide back and forth to make the room larger or smaller if needed. The curtain was pulled to make 2 smaller rooms and we were a little confused, so we decided to go in the room with the coffin (when all else fails, head to the room with the person of honor, right?) So we walk in and someone comes in behind us and shuts the door, leaving us in this small room with maybe 10 other people all standing together. Where are the chairs? Is this really all that is going to show up? Then the man who walked in behind us tells us all to gather together and hold hands.

Wait. What?

You guessed it. We were in the family prayer room. With the coffin. Parents. Siblings. Us. Everyone was giving us the side-eye, but what were we supposed to do? Just walk out? We tried to compose ourselves and grabbed some hands. We prayed, and when we were done we tried to make our escape.


We were escorted in to the real room where the funeral was held with the rest of the family to the sound of the organ playing in the background. Yes, in front of everyone. I probably only knew two people in that entire room. I still wonder what in the world everyone was thinking as the line of family walked in and there were these two random people with them. Nobody ever said anything to us...

Now, my friend who passed away had the best sense of humor ever and I know if she was watching, she was laughing so hard she had tears in her eyes. That is why I'm comfortable joking about it now, she wouldn't have let a situation like that just go to waste. I have never felt so uncomfortable in my entire life, but c'mon, that is pretty dang funny. It was an honest and horribly awkward mistake. Can't you see Doug and Carrie doing that?! 

I also laugh when I remember Chris and his random one-man flash mob in the middle of our living room to the song "My First Kiss", cracking up when we grabbed our plates at a Chinese buffet and saw the giant bowl of cheese puffs next to the crab legs (classy), when I looked back at him as we were taking the long hike to our car after the U2 concert and realized he was hobbling with a "walking stick" because he had a tiny blister on his toe, or the time I started loading groceries into a car that looked just like mine, until I set the alarm off and had to load them back in my cart and walk across the parking lot to my car with that stupid alarm blaring in the background (talk about walk of shame)...I could go on all day.

Long story (kind of) short, every single day there is something new to laugh about. We laugh at ourselves, we laugh at each other, and we laugh together. My life could be a sitcom, especially now that "King of Queens" is no longer filming. Let's see...what should I call it?

I wouldn't put it past him.


  1. Every good relationship has laughter! At least that is my philosphy! I'm afraid Kyle laghs at me more than I laugh at him, but we definitely laugh together!

    If you and Chris end up with your own sitcom, can I be the head of the fan club?

  2. P.s. sorry for the typos. I could see them, but couldnt get back to them, to fix them (the downside of using my mobile to blog)

  3. YOU crack me up! This brought a huge smile to my face. I loved watching King of Queens and thinking of you and Chris in those situations is hilarious. I especially love the “loading groceries” incident. Being at work I’m finding it hard to hold back the raucous laughter that is engulfing me! :D

  4. I love when Chris talks.. I remember when he asked Santi if it would be offensive if he called him a Mexican. Santi said "I am Mexican" :) I love your groceries in the wrong car story. You guys make me laugh.. that's one reason why Andy and I like to hang out with you two.

    I love watching King of Queens! Now I'll think of the two of you when I watch reruns.

  5. Bahaha! "Is there something I can call you that is less offensive than 'Mexican'?" Oh man, he kills me.

    (Blogspot won't let me post under my profile, it is having issues. It is Smiles. By the way, we need to hang out more, Crystal. Your daughter is getting all big and I'm missing it!)