Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Because I Want To.

The only reason I'm posting this is because I want to see my list all crossed off. This calls for a celebration!
  • Chris and I need to get our TDAP vaccines, like, yesterday. I also need to talk with all of the grandparents and aunts and uncles who will be around Nolan and let them know it is recommended that they get it as well. Everyone officially has their shots!
  • I need to get in contact with my short term disability company to make sure I have all of that in order and figure out exactly how much our check will be when he is born.
  • I still have so much cleaning and organizing to do. Obviously I have to set up his nursery, but I have a whole load of furniture that needs to be cleared out of my house before that can even start to happen. His nursery is done! His rocker was delivered yesterday and Chris did some last minute cleaning. I'll post pictures this weekend (unless I have a baby to play with.)
  • I haven't even looked at diaper bags. That sucker is packed and ready to go.
  • I can't decide on a mattress for his crib. It is all set up!
  • What? I need bedding to go in his crib too? Another decision I'm struggling with. One is on the mattress, the rest are folded in his room!
  • Maybe I should start with actually putting his crib together...or taking it out of the box... Done and done!
  • I think my insurance covers pumps but I haven't called them to check on what brand or anything else for that matter. This won't be totally figured out until he is born so we'll worry about that later.
  • I haven't even started Christmas shopping. We made it through Christmas and New Year's Eve!
  • Christmas cards. Not this year. I just can't. We didn't decorate either.
  • I mentioned to Chris that I wanted to schedule a tour of the hospital I'll be delivering in. This may or may not get crossed of the list soon as well. LOVED IT! I'm so glad we went!
  • We have a few pediatricians that we want to interview. When? Who knows. Then we actually have to pick one.
  • I just looked up a list of things to pack for the hospital...Heaven help me. Just a couple of more things to grab from the store and my bag is packed!
  • I haven't bought a new bra in over a year. The thought of even looking at nursing bras makes me want to vomit but I know I need to...eventually. I decided to wait until after Nolan is born to see what size I'm going to need. I bought a few things that will work until I'm able to shop for my new size.
  • I need to finish Nolan's dresser and mirror that I'm refinishing for his room. Done!
  • Lots and lots of baby (and mommy and daddy) laundry. For the first time in my life, I'm caught up on laundry. That was a huge project!
  • I need to get my FMLA paperwork to Kathy so she can get it done and I can get it turned in and crossed off this list. Done and approved!
  • We need to figure out what in the world is going on with Chris' job and his FMLA (like how he can even get his hands on the paperwork he needs?!) Things worked out a little differently than we planned, but it is exactly how it is supposed to be!
  • I need to get the side panel on my car fixed so it isn't ripped up more and more each time we put a car seat in the backseat. My whole car needs to be cleaned really well when that is done. We decided that fixing the side panel was more of a vanity thing than something that needed to happen so we decided to save the money and get that done later. My car is still spotless though!
  • I need to call my landlord and let him know that we will have another person living in our house in 8 weeks. Done!
  • Somewhere in the middle of all of that I'm supposed to eat healthy and balanced meals, pamper myself, enjoy these last couple of months of "freedom" with Chris, exercise, prop my legs up, and get lots and lots of rest (can you hear the sarcasm?) Right. 
I'm not going to cross off the last item on my list because that will continue until Nolan is here, but everything else is done! Literally all we have left to do is get his car seat installed (I've been paranoid of getting in a car accident and having to buy a new car seat so we've been putting this one off as long as possible on purpose...) and throw a couple of last-minute things in the hospital bag. I can't believe I'm actually at this place in my life. I remember looking at this list and wanting to cry...I still kind of do but now they are tears of joy. I'm in the single digits...eight days and counting! Come on, baby boy!

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