Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hi. Again.

Hello, there! I figured it was a good time for an update. We moved Nolan to a toddler bed a couple of weeks ago and he's rocking it. His first night was rough. He totally didn't get it. He screamed and screamed and screamed. The second night, he only cried a little bit. The third night, I asked him if he wanted to go to bed and he ran right into his room laughing. He loves it! The only problem we're having is he keeps falling asleep at his door. He will get so excited to lay down, but sometime after we leave he gets up and lays down with his blankie at the door. We are having to carry him to bed every night. It has only been a couple of weeks though and he isn't freaking out anymore so I think he'll get there!

We decorated his room in Finding Nemo stuff. He has a major fish obsession right now. He has cute decals on his walls and a bright Nemo bedding set. I've been painting pictures for his room, too. It is turning out so fun and colorful. He loves it! We also got him his first pet. A fish. Shocker. He is a pretty blue betta named Sushi. Nolan walks by his tank over and over saying "Hiiii Sushiiii." It is the cutest thing ever.

Griff has had a very eventful couple of months! He's growing so fast. He is pulling up on everything he can get his chubby hand on and walking along furniture. He's only 9.5 months old! I'm not ready for this yet! He speed-crawls, too. It is fantastic.

Still no teeth, but it looks like he has one on the bottom that will poke through any day. Chris just noticed the bump on his gum last night while he was giving him a bath. Yay! I'm going to miss his cute, gummy mouth though. His lack of teeth doesn't stop him from eating. He loves food so much. He's getting a little chunky, actually. His weight jumped from the 5th percentile to the 25th between his 6 and 9 month appointments. For someone who started out not even on the charts, that's great! He sits in his high chair for breakfast, lunch, and dinner now. I'd tell you what his favorite foods are, but he honestly loves everything. He isn't a huge fan of cottage cheese, but he still eats it. Other than that, he's all over it. He screams when he can't get it in his mouth fast enough. The other night, my mom was babysitting and Nolan dumped out a bucket of popcorn. Griffin was ticked that he couldn't eat it. Ticked.

He still doesn't know how little he is. He talks and screams all the time. For as feisty as he is, he is 1000x more sweet. I just love him. All of his movements are so huge and powerful. He doesn't raise his arm, he RAISES his arm. You don't want to be in his path when his little arm gets swinging. It hurts.

We moved him to Nolan's old crib last night. I can't believe I kept him in our room for as long as I did. I really wanted to wait until the boys could share a room. I still don't think they're quite ready. I ended up moving the crib into the play room and getting Griff set up with a little cd player and night light. I plan on moving the crib back as soon as he adjusts and seeing how they do sleeping together. I just don't think I'd get any sleep if I did it now. He did great though! I feel bad because I think he was pretty uncomfortable in the Pack and Play he was in. Now he's in a cozy, big crib and loves it. He only woke up once and put himself right back to sleep. Yay!

They play together so cute right now. They just laugh and laugh. I think they're going to be great buddies. I'm one thankful mommy!

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